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UX Lab – High-tech test environment for evaluating user experiences

UX Lab is mainly used for testing and evaluating usability and user experiences on products and services. The lab is modular and simulates the natural environment of the products being evaluated. With the latest technology and cutting-edge expertise, we can offer a test environment for many different products and needs.

User Experience (UX) is a design process about getting insight into what the user says, does, uses, knows, feels, wants and needs. By acquiring knowledge about your users, you also increase the opportunities to create meaningful products, services and experiences that meet their needs.  

In the UX Lab various forms of user tests, market research and focus group discussions can be carried out. High quality video recordings of user tests can be performed and the findings summarized, which can be useful for further development of the product as well as for communication and presentation. To enhance your understanding and knowledge of your users even further, your team has the opportunity to participate and observe the users' tests, either at the lab or through a live stream.  

When live streaming, multiple camera views in combination with the mirroring of a smartphone and/or digital prototype can then be shown to observers online. Remote tests, where the user and moderator are in different locations, can also be arranged and performed through UX Lab.

The lab rent always includes a technician who helps to prepare the room according to your wishes. If you need recommendations and help in planning and conducting various studies, we have experts at hand. This implies that you choose whether you want to rent the lab with or without Usability Researchers.


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UX Lab




Testbeds in real life (TR)




Circular transition, Design, Digitalisation, Digital health, Innovation support, Internet of Things, Professional education, Medical devices, Mobility, Perception, Service innovation


Region Stockholm

Jessica Dagman

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Jessica Dagman

Senior forskare

+46 10 516 54 30

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