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Fire furnaces for testing the fire resistance of constructions

A test bed for evaluating different constructions' fire resistance using extensive equipment. World-leading flue gas treatment and mobile work platforms to facilitate customers' assembly contribute to sustainability. The furnaces can be controlled according to the toughest fire curves required by the market.

The test bed is the only facility in Sweden that has authorized and approved equipment with which to perform fire certification. It is in addition a meeting place for university or industry conducted scientific research lead by professors and post graduates, constituting a major resource for testing and developing new constructions. 

In the horizontal furnace you can examine beams, floors, ceilings, baulks, ventilation dampers, filing cabinets and vessel decks. The vertical furnace offers the same examination but covering walls, doors, windows, glass sections, penetration seals, vessel bulkheads and cable functionality. 

The testing equipment is utilized by product developers from a wide range of fields where issues regarding fire can arise, not to mention importers looking to certify products. Around 30-40% of the tested products are manufactured outside of Sweden.

World-leading treatment of flue gas and extinguishing water

The fire test furnaces are part of the fire lab in Borås that works sustainably. Flue gas and extinguishing water from the entire lab are handled in a complicated treatment plant. Particles from smoke and toxic parts of extinguishing water are separated and placed in landfills.

Mobile work platforms for our customers

To offer a safe and easy-to-work work environment, there are height-adjustable platforms that belong to our workplaces for mounting vertical products and structures. Our customers, who are always responsible for assembling their test specimen, appreciate our workplaces and believe that the platforms also provide a faster assembly, which reduces their labor costs.

Fire curves and load

Our customers meet different fire requirements depending on which market they operate in. We have developed the furnaces so that they can be controlled according to everything from the lowest temperature curves, for e.g. fire ventilators, to the toughest, for e.g. tunnel products called RWS.

Rigs with hydraulic systems belonging to the furnaces can apply load to structures so that they are evaluated exposed to fire under load. Load-bearing floors and load-bearing walls are evaluated in this way. Our load system for the horizontal furnace is very flexible and each point that is loaded can be controlled separately during the same test.


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Fire testing furnaces




Isolated testbeds (IT)


Buildings and infrastructure, Security and defence


Fire safety


Västra Götaland Region


Brinellgatan 4, Borås

Patrik Johansson

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Patrik Johansson


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