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Electrochemical processes for biorefinery and sustainable fuels

During 2021, a lab-scale electrochemistry test bed has been established in Örnsköldsvik. This technology can use renewable electricity to create valuable chemicals and alternate fuels from industrial waste streams.

The goal is to create a platform for scaling up electrochemical conversions that can be integrated with other unit operations to evaluate and optimize new process concepts.

The new testbed at RISE Processum is a flexible, innovative platform for carrying out research and development on industrially relevant electrochemical processes. The aim is to develop electrochemical methods for an efficient and sustainable industrial growth. The main objectives of this testbed are:

To establish a platform for electrochemical conversions that can be integrated with other unit operations into a complete process concept.

To scale up process concepts and perform techno-economic evaluations.

To develop technology for the conversion of CO2 (CCU) and industrial side streams to chemicals, fuels, polymers or materials.

The test bed in Örnsköldsvik is a complementary tool to the other biorefinery pilots on the site, for more information click here. Initially, research is ongoing in collaboration with KTH, SU, LTU, UmU and SLU in the following areas:

  • Valorization of industrial side streams for the production of bio-fuels and chemical feedstock.
  • Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU), where CO2 is converted into C1-C3 chemicals.
  • Generation of green hydrogen and purification of industrial waste water.


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Electrochemical processes




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