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Additive manufacturing in various materials

The ability to test additive manufacturing or 3D printing in metal, ceramics, composites, polymers and even sand for manufacture of moulds. Includes the entire chain from preparation to verification and follow-up checks.

The testbed is run by RISE (formerly Swerea) and includes both modern techniques for additive manufacturing in various materials, as well as peripherals and expertise that covers the entire chain from concept to finished component:

  • Manufacture of metal with powder bed and laser or electron beam
  • Manufacture of sand moulds and cores for casting metal
  • Manufacture of technical ceramics, composites and polymers up to 8 m3 in size
  • Topology optimisation and simulation
  • Follow-up checks of dimensions, residual stresses, material properties, etc.

This makes it possible to test all conceivable scenarios within research and development of additive manufacturing.

The testbed is now a part of RISE Application Center for Additive Manufacturing


Test & Demo name

Additive manufacturing




Laboratory testbeds (LT)


Manufacturing, Materials


Additive manufacturing, Material transition


Region Jönköping County, Västra Götaland Region


Argongatan 30, Mölndal

Marie-Louise Bergholt

Contact person

Marie-Louise Bergholt

Fokusområdesledare för Digitalisering inom industrin / Co-director Application Center for Additive Manufacturing

+46 10 516 60 85

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