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UX and usability

Understanding users and their needs is essential for achieving success. Through qualitative and quantitative methods such as user tests, heuristic evaluations, focus groups and questionnaires we offer you knowledge about usability and user experience (UX).


With the user in mind, we provide valuable input for our customers so they can develop functional, user-friendly products and systems that meet the users’ expectations. We assist you in discovering user needs and in selecting and carrying out the appropriate method, as well as analyzing the result.


User tests

We use specific methods according to standards, such as user tests and heuristic evaluations, to measure the usability of a product or concept as well as the user experience.

We let users go through scenarios in our lab, which is designed specifically for user testing and equipped with the latest technology. The results are analyzed and usability issues are identified.


Based on the results, we deliver recommendations on how the product can be improved, which is a valuable input to decision making and in further development.

High quality video recordings of the user tests can be performed and then clipped together into clear summaries, which are useful in further development as well as in communication and presentations.


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User studies for increased user experience and usability

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ISO 9241-11


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Lina Orrell

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Lina Orrell

Senior Usability Researcher

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Lisa Jonsson


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