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Unpacking digitalization - exploration and concretization workshops

Customised workshops based on your digitalisation needs


DigiCORE lab offers a three-stage research and innovation process. By combining our broad knowledge of technologies, our large networks of both academic and business contacts, as well as our processes regarding research methodology and innovation management, we possess competence that can help your organisation accelerate the pace of change to take advantage of digitalisation in your industry.

Depending on where you are in your digitalization journey, we offer a tailored workshop experience to equip you with the right knowledge and tools to take the next step.

Stage 1: Digi-Inspiration – It sounds good, but how is it done in practice?

Visit us in our DigiCORE lab. A place specifically tailored to help your business on your digital journey. This 4-hour visit includes an introduction to RISE, research methods and a tour of our lab. You get inspiring presentations on research projects, demonstrations and find your next technology areas with our researchers. A good choice for you who want to learn more about research and want to explore different aspects of digitalisation. It can be done either exclusively for your organisation or for several organisations at the same time. The perfect opportunity to network!

Stage 2: Conceptualisation – How to create a concrete solution with technology?

Once you have determined your technology requirements or needs and are ready to take the next step with your digitalisation work, we offer a concept development workshop that will help you get a clearer picture of what is required to implement digitalisation, for example AI, IoT or XR, digital twins and visualisation in your business.

Our innovation management experts can organize a tailor-made workshop to lay a clear foundation for your digitalisation journey. Perfect basis for the management to make decisions about the strategy of the future. An excellent choice for you who see the need for a concrete action plan.

Stage 3: In-depth project – Implement with responsibility and specialist skills? Get started with an action plan in hand.

Once we have a shared picture of your needs and challenges, we can support you in implementing the technology. Our interdisciplinary team support you with their practical know-how.

You get in-depth expert support tailored to your specific needs. This can be done through a full-scale project at DigiCORE or by spending three to fourteen co-working days in the lab with an expert of your selected field. You will also have access to our network  of, for example, start-ups and other technology companies.


  • Presentation
  • Demo
  • Brainstorming
  • Coaching
  • Tailor-made workshop methods


As agreed and depending on the workshop stage selected.


For more information or to order please contact the person at the bottom of the page.



Unpacking digitalization - exploration and concretization workshops at DigiCORE lab

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