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Thermal expansion

To ensure that a choice of material is correct throughout the temperature range of the product, it can be important to know the thermal expansion. With our equipment we can measure the thermal expansion and calculate the coefficient of thermal expansion on materials or entire systems.


To perform accurate simulations and calculations on products to be used at higher temperatures, it is important to know the thermal expansion coefficient. Our equipment at RISE can measure the thermal expansion of solid materials and systems.


Our equipment consists of a specially manufactured furnace, in which the test piece is placed. The temperature is measured in the furnace and on the surface of the test piece. Glass rods with a known coefficient of thermal expansion that are connected to resistive position sensors are placed in 3 different places on the test piece, as well as on the floor. When the furnace and the test piece are heated, the position sensors register the total expansion. The thermal expansion of the glass rods and the floor is compensated to obtain the thermal expansion of the test piece. From the thermal expansion at different temperatures, the coefficient of thermal expansion can be calculated.


Delivery takes place in the form of results and a report where significant data is presented.


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Thermal expansion measurement and calculation of the thermal expansion


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Does not follow a specific standard, each test method is determined in collaboration with the customer.


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Delivery time

Sampling can take a long time, up to a week, depending on the size of the samples. Test results can be obtained 2 weeks after the test material has been delivered to RISE and the report 3 weeks after the test has been performed.


The test pieces must meet the geometric requirements of our equipment. This can be done by the customer or the samples are prepared at RISE.

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