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Sensory Analysis – For a Sensory Profile

Create a sensory profile for your product. To define the sensory character of your product helps you in product development and marketing.


Sensory characterization is used to identify the character of your product, the sensory ID. This can help you in your product development and in market segmentation. The most effective method to evaluate the character of a product is to use a panel of humans. This can be done by RISE trained and selected panel who has a measured ability to identify and distinguish the most salient parameters of your product or by RISE consumer panel that renders the consumer perspective of the product. 

Sensory characterization is mainly used in three kinds of purposes:

  1. During product development. Is the sensory character as you wish? Are there unwanted sensory attributes? Sensory characterization can be used in several product development steps to speed up the process.
  2. In quality assurance. Will your product change in sensory character with storage or other kind of treatments?
  3. In marketing. How is the character of your product in comparison to the competitors?


Beroende på produkt och var i utvecklingsprocessen den sensoriska profilen efterfrågas används olika metoder. Vi erbjuder allt ifrån klassisk profilering/beskrivande-tester (QDA, DA, Flavor profile) till snabba metoder (projective mapping, sorting, CATA/RATA, Flash Profile) samt hedoniska tester. Metoderna kan appliceras på RISE tränade panel eller konsumentpanel, beroende på typ av metod.


After measurements a graphical report is delivered for a general overview. This is followed by a longer report on method and results. The report is otherwise formed according to your request. 


Please contact the contact person to order or for further questions.



Sensory Analysis - sensory evaluation and characterization of food products

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Food, Perception


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