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Sensory analysis - difference tests

<p>Validate any sensory salient changes in your product! We offer a selection of difference tests with a trained analytical panel.&nbsp;</p>


Evaluate if the sensory experiences such as taste, flavor or touch of a product differs with storage time or a change of an ingredient. 

The most effective method to evaluate potential changes is to use a trained and selected panel of humans. RISE has a long experience of these kind of tests and unique abilities to combine the results with technical measurements. 

Sensory difference tests are good for 3 kinds of questions: 

  1. If you would like to change a component or ingredient in a product and do not want this to be noted by the consumer. 
  2. If you would like to change a component or ingredient in a product and ensure that this change is notable by the consumer.
  3. To evaluate how storage affects your product. 


Dependent on product and the purpose of the measurement there are four common difference tests: paired comparison, duo-trio-test, triangle test and difference-from-control. All methods are evaluated according to standard procedure. 

The measurement is conducted in a sensory laboratory using 8-12 trained and selected judges from the RISE analytical panel. 


A one-page report with an overview of the tested products and any significant changes as well as a longer report describing the method and the results. 


Please contact the contact person to order or for further questions.



Sensory analysis - test of noticeble differences when changing a product

Innovation area

Formulated products, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Perception


Triangle test: SS-EN ISO 4120:2007 Sensory analysis - Methodology - Triangle test

Duo-trio test: SS-EN ISO 10399:2010 Sensory analysis - Methodology - Duo-trio test

Difference from Control-test: DIN 10976 2016 Sensory analysis - Difference from Control-test (DfC-Test)

Paired comparison test: SS-EN ISO 5495:2007+A1:2016 Sensory analysis - Methodology - Paired comparison test


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Delivery time

In a planned assignment it takes 3 weeks before the measure is conducted and analyzed. 


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