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Testing Cyber Security for Consumer Internet of Things

We offer type testing of product security for connected IoT devices that can form the basis for certification according to the requirements of the Swedish Anti-Theft Association and the European Standard Organization 'ETSI' certifications.


IoT products are the internet-connected devices anyone can have at home in this day and age, such as smart TVs, home assistants, smart speakers, connected household appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines or connected alarm systems, door locks, smoke detectors and baby monitors, among many others.

They have become part of our lives and although they help us in many daily routines, but, in addition, can compromise our privacy and safety if they are not properly designed and prepared with security standards such as ETSI EN 303 645 and SSF 1120-1.

Continuous and increasing use of Internet-connected things increases the likelihood of more cyber-attacks. It is essential to understand the prerequisites of the security factor before using IoT to withstand such attacks. ETSI EN 303645 standard sets the baseline requirements to IoT that helps IoT security from the design, development, and manufacturing phases of the device.

This service is to assess whether you fulfil the requirements of the International Cybersecurity Standards ETSI EN 303645 and SSF 1120-1 for IoT, estimate the key concepts of IoT device security, consumer data protection, and penetration testing requirements.

It additionally explains the link between ETSI EN 303645 and SSF 1120-1 standard for consumer IoT where the general requirements are taken from the baseline requirements of ETSI EN 303645. In addition, this standard sets protection for consumer data usage and data in storage by the device. SSF 1120 also includes Device testing requirements. It has been carried out in 2 ways, General testing and Penetration Testing. This testing provides the scope of excellent security for the consumer IoT.


The evaluation is based on our Swedac accredited methods for:

  • ETSI EN 303 645
  • SSF 1120-1


The results of the RISE evaluation are compiled in an accredited RISE report.


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Type testing Cyber Security for Consumer Internet of Things

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Cyber security, Digitalisation, Internet of Things, Risk and safety

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ETSI EN 303645

SSF 1120-1


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Ted Strandberg


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