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Quality control of foam concentrate

In fire fighting systems with foam it is very important that the foam concentrates have the quality that you can expect. We offer quality control testing of foam concentrates stored on ships, industries etc., according to SP-Method 2580. The test method also includes a Small scale fire test method which is suggested by IMO to be used for annually tests on foam concentrate on ships. The results from the small scale fire test have documented correlation to the European standard EN1568.


To ensure that a firefighting foam has the desired and expected properties when it comes to firefighting, it is important to cary out quality tests of the foam on a regular basis. RISE recommends a quality control annually. In order to test the fire fighting foam, 1-2 liters of foam concentrate is needed, depending on recommended admixture.

By regularly quality test the firefighting foam, the chanses to fight a fire increases.


The tests performed for judging the quality of a foam concentrate is depending on foam type. If not enough information about the foam type is available more extensive testing may be needed. Below is a list of tests that could be valid depending on foam type:

  • Expansion ratio and drainage rate, fresh- and sea water
  • pH
  • Viscosity
  • Sediment
  • Resistance against solvents (AR-foam)
  • Film forming ability (AFFF)
  • Refractive index
  • Density
  • Small scale fire test


The result is summarised by RISE in a written report. The report can be written in Swedish or English.

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Quality control of foam concentrate

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Fire safety, Chemical processes and products, Risk and safety


The test is made according to SP method 2580, but it also complies with IMO MSC/Circ.1312 section 4, in relevant parts.


Price on tender

Delivery time

The test will be performed as soon as we have an available time slot. Typically, the test is performed within 2-4 weeks.


It is is desired that Form: Quality control of foam concentrate is filled out with available information as early as possible.

When the order is placed, 3 liters of foam concentrate must be sent to RISE in Borås, see Form: Quality control of foam concentrate for more information.

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