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Optical reference standards OCL (IR3)

Optical reference standards - why? To keep your equipment properly calibrated in order to get reliable measurement results. This applies to both optical properties of fluorescent and non-fluorescent pulp and paper products as well as other materials.


The optical properties of paper and board such as reflectance, whiteness, brightness and opacity are important selling points for paper manufacturers. It is therefore essential to measure and report these values in a precise and standardized way. Proper instrument calibration is essential for accurate measurement. Although methods for measuring optical properties may vary for different applications and from country to country, proper calibration is essential for everyone.


IR3 reference standards

OCL (Optical Calibration Laboratory) can offer both fluorescent and non-fluorescent IR3 reference standards.

  • Non-fluorescent IR3 standards:
    • For calibration of the reflectance factors in your instrument.
  • Fluorescent IR3 standards:
    • For adjusting the UV content of the instrument's illuminant.
    • The non-fluorescent IR3 standards for calibrating the reflectance factors of your instrument are also needed before the UV adjustment step.

For your needs

Within the two main types of fluorescent and non-fluorescent, there are a number of variants that meet the requirements for different instruments. Contact us or read more about reference standards in the product description.


Our standards

Each reference standard consists of an opaque stack of very stable paper. The reported values apply only to the top, blank sheet in the stack. It is very important that the standards are handled and stored properly, see our general instructions (link to the right).

It is strongly recommended to use working standards, such as control tiles, for regular checks of the calibration of your instrument. In case of deviation, use the working standard for instrument calibration. The IR3 standard should only be used to check or calibrate the working standard.

The ISO calibration chain

ISO has established a calibration hierarchy in which there are three types of laboratories - standardization laboratories, authorized laboratories and test laboratories. The standardization laboratories calibrate their instruments towards an abstractly defined standard, "perfect reflecting diffuser", also called IR1. The standards manufactured at the standardization laboratories are called IR2 standards. IR2 standards are used by the authorized laboratories to calibrate their instruments.

At RISE, we use IR2 standards from the National Research Council (NRC) in Ottawa, which is the only, leading standardization laboratory. The standards manufactured by OCL at RISE, which is an authorized laboratory, are thus called IR3 standards, and are used by the test laboratories to calibrate their instruments.

Authorization and accreditation

The Optical Calibration Laboratory (OCL) is approved by ISO / TC6 to handle optical reference instruments according to ISO 4094 and to issue non-fluorescent reference standards (IR3) in accordance with ISO 2469 and ISO 22754. We also have the authority to issue fluorescent IR3 standards for adjustment of the UV content of the lighting in the instrument according to ISO 2470-1 and ISO 11475. Links to the ISO standards are to the right.

OCL is one of the five ISO / TC6 approved laboratories in the world. We have more than 35 years of experience in calibration services for the pulp and paper industry worldwide. A link to our authorization certificate is on the right.

Swedac accreditation

OCL is accredited by the Board of Accreditation and Technical Control, Swedac, in accordance with EN ISO 17025. Swedac is a Swedish authority and national accreditation body for Sweden. See our certificate of accreditation in the link to the right.


Practical information

Standards are sold either individually or as part of a subscription. As a subscription customer, you get the standards delivered at a selected interval, so you don't forget to calibrate your instrument regularly.

As our customer you will receive instructional documents and newsletters with up-to-date information about our laboratory and products. Our service also includes technical support for the use of our Products.

The documents on this page reveal more specific information about our services and products. Click on the links to download them. For orders and information contact us at

Corona virus effects on deliveries

The corona virus outbreak affects us all in different ways. The Optical calibration Laboratory will make every effort to provide uninterrupted deliveries of calibration standards of the highest quality, while following government instructions. Our deliveries are highly depending on postal and courier services. For information regarding the current situation for postal deliveries from Sweden, please see the information on PostNord postal service web page. For questions regarding your order and shipping, please contact us.



Order your reference standards from us by filling the order form and sending it to us via our email, fax or letter

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Optical calibration with international reference standards OCL (IR3s) from an authorized laboratory

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More information

ISO 4094 certificate 2022 (pdf, 362.36 KB)

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