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Fire test of vehicle components

We offer our clients a possibility for specialized fire tests of vehicle components and vehicles with heat radiation measurement and flue gas analysis if desired.   


We offer indoor fire testing in our fire test halls and provides the opportunity for our clients to measure e.g. heat release rate, heat radiation and to perform flue gas analysis. Working with an environmental awareness we use an advanced cleaning system for both water and smoke from the fire test.       

Using our facilities, the client can perform product evaluations of vehicle components and complete vehicles regarding the subject of fire. The client can verify requirements according to internal standards using unique corporate test codes or perform fire testing according to accredited standard. We provide a possibility for our clients to perform heat measurements and analysis by use of infrared cameras. Working indoors being protected from the elements we have a high repeatability in our fire tests. 


Fire tests are performed indoors in one of our fire test halls where we test fuel tanks according to UN R34, fuel hoses according to ISO 7840 and battery pack according to UN R100, also battery cells and battery modules can be tested. Fire tests can also be performed on complete vehicles with the possibility of adding surrounding structures such as walls and a roof if desired.


After the fire tests has been performed a test report is written in English and sent to the client. Photo documentation is given to the client.  

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Fire test of vehicles and vehicle components

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Fire safety


UN Regulation No.34

UN Regulation No.100

ISO 7840 


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Preparations are decided in a dialogue with the responsible project manager.

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