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Certified Innovation Management Professional

By ensuring the quality of individuals' ability to lead systematic innovation work, they can get a clearer role and can have a larger mandate in their organizations. The competence can be proven through a certificate issued in accordance with the RISE Certification Rules for Innovation Management Professionals.


In collaboration with the Association for Innovation Management Professionals in Sweden (Innovationsledarna), RISE has developed the certification rules based on the job role description for innovation management professionals. The purpose of the role is to be responsible for, and actively contribute to, leading and organizing of innovation initiatives and promoting the conditions and abilities to support innovation activities in all types of organizations - private or public, large or small, in all sectors, areas and functions.

By being certified, you can demonstrate that you meet the requirements. The certification:

  • is valid for five years, provided that an annual report is submitted to RISE
  • means that there is an opportunity for external stakeholders to submit a complaint, which may lead to withdrawal or warning


To ensure that the requirements for personal certification for Innovation Management Professional are met, a certification engineer will process your application based on the certification rules. A decision is then made by another certification engineer who has not been involved in the process.

Read more in the Certification Rules.


When administrators and decision-makers assess that you meet the requirements for personal certification as an Innovation Management Professional, a RISE certificate can be issued.

More information


Apply for personal certification by sending in application to

Application (pdf, 164.75 KB)



Certified Innovation Management Professional


Certification of Personnel Competencies

Innovation area


Delivery level



New certification, including examination:

SEK 14,120 excluding VAT (if applicable)

Annual reporting fee:

SEK 1,840 excluding VAT (if applicable)

The above refers to 2021 prices


Submit the following when applying for a new personal certification:

  • Certificate of service that proves at least three years of experience in innovation management.
  • Personal assignment demonstrating your experience.
  • Signed suitability form.

More information

Certification Rules (pdf, 277.64 KB)

Job description (pdf, 192.22 KB)

Instruction case (pdf, 145.89 KB)

Body of Knowledge (pdf, 291.52 KB)

Suitability (docx, 119.98 KB)

Proof of experience (docx, 122.76 KB)


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