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Analysis of carcinogenic arylamines from azo dye in textiles

It is important that the textiles on the market are free of harmful and regulated substances. Chemical analysis is a way to gain control over the products' chemical content.


Society and consumers set high demands on companies and their products. The legislation also means that you as an actor must have complete information and control over the chemicals in your product. It is especially important with products for children and goods with skin contact, such as clothes and accessories.


We can help you interpret the legal requirements in REACH and POPs and propose appropriate analysis.


SS-EN 14362 - Methods for determination of certain aromatic amines derived from azo colorants

Sample amount 20 grams


Written report in Swedish or English


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Analysis of carcinogenic arylamines accordint to SS-EN 14362

Innovation area

Chemical and biological analysis


SS-EN 14362


Price on tender

Delivery time

After order and arrival of sample material - normal delivery time 10 working days


No preparation needed