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Youths in Värmland

On behalf of Region Värmland, RISE produced an analysis to get to the bottom of why Värmland ends up far down in the entrepreneurship index and why young Värmlanders do not study further to the same extent as the rest of the country.

Värmland has for a long time had a relatively low proportion of entrepreneurs and a low proportion who went on to higher education. And for many years, various efforts and projects have been carried out. Many efforts have been good, but they have not led to a change at the system level. We can still see the same trend. Region Värmland wishes to get to the bottom of the underlying factors, so that we can move on and solve the right problems.

In that work, a very thorough analysis was produced. The analysis is based on a survey study with the Sensemaker tool, interviews with young people who are far from the labor market, interviews with experts and a survey with adults who work close to young people. Everything to create as deep an understanding of the problem picture as possible.

From the analysis, a proposal was made for how we can work long-term with the issues to bring about a shift in standards. The proposal is now being processed and revised and the final plan will be handled further by Region Värmland.

Analys Unga i Värmland

Analys Unga i Värmland (pdf, 7.58 MB)


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Youths in Värmland




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