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Virtual Gothenburg Lab

RISE is working together with academia, the business community and the public sector in the Virtual Gothenburg Lab project, to help develop a test bed for visualised city data and better understand how to use Gothenburg’s digital twin, Virtual Gothenburg.

Virtual Gothenburg Lab is a two-year project designed to develop a test bed for visualising city planning data. For Gothenburg’s 400-year anniversary in 2021, a three-dimensional, digital twin copy of the city is in the works –” Virtual Gothenburg”, that will be part of the test bed, and is working in close collaboration with the project.

The project comprises five urban development pilot projects that address the needs of the City of Gothenburg. The aim of these is to understand the needs of the city and how visualised data and the Virtual Gothenburg can add value to city planning and development, and support insight and informed decisions. . RISE leads the pilot “Social sustainability in city development”, where sustainable and equal city environments will be explored. The other pilot projects, where RISE will also be involved, will look at the Central station area, the interaction between self driving vehicles and other road users in so called “shared spaces”, the impact of massive rains, so-called “cloud-bursts”, and how to develop and preserve the city silhouette. 

The project creates a unique opportunity to test and develop work approaches, tools and methods for visual, digital and virtual work. The project is made possible thanks to funding from Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency, and is referred to as a test bed, which is a shared development environment for innovation testing. 


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Västra Götaland Region

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2 år


City of Gothenburg through the Department of City Planning, the Traffic Administration Office, the Recycling and Water Department, the Social Resource Administration, Consumer and Resident Services, Intraservice, Lindholmen Science Park through Visual Arena, AI Innovation of Sweden, Business Region Göteborg, Göteborgsregionen, Universeum, Chalmers University of Technology, Volvo Cars, Tengbom, Berge, AFRY, Ramboll, Insert Coin, HiQ, OutHere, Atvis, Bumbee Labs, Unicornsulting, Ordrum



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Kristina Knaving

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Kristina Knaving

Fokusområdesledare Den uppkopplade individen-Senior forskare och interaktionsdesigner

+46 73 030 19 86

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