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The image depicts an active construction site - including construction workers, tools, machines, buildings materials and pipes.
Photo: Duncan Rawlinson

Tools for social sustainability in the construction phase

In a previous project RISE, Skanska, Veidekke and Wästbygg developed a material to support decision-making for entrepreneurs who work with social sustainability in the construction phase. Now RISE is investigating how this tool is used in practice; in order to test, proof and further develop the material.

The material A tool for social sustainability in the construction phase was developed during the project The socially sustainable entrepreneur. It consists of a discussion manual, a slide show (which explains how the tool should be utilized and in what ways the construction phase impacts people) and a more theoretical report on the tool's background and design. The manual contains a number of key issues to discuss before, during and after the construction phase. Together with the slide show, this is intended to help entrepreneurs develop their ability to reflect on the impact of construction projects on people in the surrounding area.

To ensure that the tool fulfills its purpose, and contributes to more socially sustainable processes and results, the tool will be tested and developed further. RISE will follow a number of construction projects where the tool is implemented and study how it is being used - and how it is perceived by the users. During this project the researchers will also function as process support for the entrepreneurs, so as to facilitate mutual learning about social sustainability and the practical processes involved in the construction phase.




Project name

Social sustainability in construction




Västra Götaland Region

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Project manager and researcher

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Skanska, Erlandsson Bygg


SBUF (Development Fund of the Swedish Construction Industry)


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Supports the UN sustainability goals

11. Sustainable cities and communities