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The picture depicts a part of the harbour in Göteborg, as a mix between the past and the present
Photo: Erik Einebrant

Tidernas Göteborg

Tidernas Göteborg focuses on the explicit roles and use of photography, film and written archives, as well as how these can be understood, contextualised and mediated through new forms of visualisations. It is part of Gothenburg's 400th anniversary and done together with the University of Gothenburg and the Swedish National Archives in Gothenburg.

“Tidernas Göteborg” focuses on identifying information and knowledge generated from photographs and films about Gothenburg, and comparing this with information from written archive sources. This is done as a way to increase knowledge about issues related to documentation and mediation of places and the usage of space in a historical perspective: both through classical image analysis, as well as through digital methods such as machine learning algorithms and "big data" analysis. The aim is to apply the methods of digital technology to explore new forms of mediation, interaction and for making this kind of archive material accessible to the general public. This, by opening up for co-creation with a MIL-perspective (Media and Information Litteracy) to both create a broader understanding of the content, and create new contextualized visualizations of Gothenburg's history.

The project will explore these topics through the following activities:

  • Analysis and comparison of archive material linked to Gothenburg's history from different archive sources, both photographic, film and written, to increase the understanding of what kind of archive sources have historically been used for what kind of documentation, with regard to motif, sender, recipient, message, purpose, perspective, aesthetics, etc.
  • Development of an open source search tool, which will enable simultaneous semantic search in both text material and image material, through the use of deep reading algorithms and image analysis algorithms.    
  • Co-creation and dissemination of new forms of visualization of archive-based cultural heritage material through arranging a so-called "game jam", where participants will have the opportunity to create their own experiences and narratives, based on lectures, workshops and conversations with relevant researchers and using the developed search tool . This should also result in knowledge about how these kind of co-creative methods can be used as a form of cultural heritage mediation.


Project name

Tidernas Göteborg




Västra Götaland Region

RISE role in project

Project lead

Project start


Two Years


University of Gothenburg, The Swedish National Archives in Gothenburg, The Hasselblad Foundation


Erna and Victor Hasselblad's Foundation

Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

4. Quality education
8. Decent work and economic growth
10. Reduced inequalities
11. Sustainable cities and communities
Fredrik Trella

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Fredrik Trella

Researcher Developer

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