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The Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters; Production Management

The cluster for surface treatment and paint is one of eight clusters within the Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters. The cluster focuses on research and development in the overall role of the production system for the competitiveness and industrial adaptability of the future.

The Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters is an organisation with the objective to identify and initiate common areas for research that will strengthen the competitiveness of all manufacturing companies in Sweden. In 2020 RISE was commissioned to coordinate the clusters that at the same time have broadened their target group to all companies with manufacturing in Sweden.

Today there are 8 clusters focusing on different manufacturing expert areas. Four of the clusters cover manufacturing processes and four clusters cover areas that support all manufacturing processes.

The Production Management cluster highlights the overall role of the production system for the competitiveness and industrial adaptability of the future. Our common goal is 'sustainable and competitive production systems through innovation and conversion capacity' where production strategies, production development, industrialization and daily operation are in focus.

Priority research​ areas​:

Production strategies

  • Strategies to meet faster pace of change in a global market. Roadmaps, methods and guidelines to support strategic decision-making processes, innovation and sustainability.

Production Development &​ Industrialization

  • Integrated development of products and processes for economic, environmental and social/human sustainability. Methods and tools to support a system perspective in the design of factories, production flows and workplaces, start-up phases and maintenance.

Daily operation

  • Methods and tools for the development of leadership, change management, work organization, skills supply, lifelong and organizational learning, sustainable work, health, safety, quality, delivery, economy.
  • Strategies and working methods for maintenance, improvement and development work, etc.

What is the advantage of participating in a cluster?

The aim is to develop economically and environmentally sustainable manufacturing systems capable of effectively providing the market with the innovative products of the future. Through the cluster's working methods, we strengthen Sweden's continued success as a sustainable industrial nation. You can win this by participating:

  • New valuable contacts for cooperation.
  • A support for own strategic research and development work.
  • Opportunity to set a strong common agenda with national and international influence.  
  • Early information and invitations to project cooperation.


AstraZeneca, FKG, Scania, AB Volvo, Volvo Cars, KTH, MdH, RISE, ProduktionsLyftet, Chalmers, Jönköping University, LTU

The cluster welcomes more companies! For more information, contact Ulrika Harlin.


Project name

Cluster Production Management



RISE role in project


Project start


Eight years

Total budget

700 000 SEK


RISE IVFs Intressentförening Service AB

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Ulrika Harlin


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