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The mining industry digs in to change values and innovation

To increase the power of innovation in the mining and metal industry, the innovation program Swedish Mining Innovation has chosen to actively focus on how the industry, with itself at the forefront, can work for increased inclusion at all levels.

The industry needs to become more innovative and attractive for everyone and a more inclusive climate is a prerequisite for more ideas to reach their full potential. By utilizing the platform that Swedish Mining Innovation is and starting from the work that has begun, the project wants to increase knowledge about norm-creative innovation and thereby increase both the pace of innovation and the attractiveness of the industry.

Within the framework of Agenda 2030, goal no. 5, increased gender equality is an important parameter. The fact that we distribute resources equally between men and women is a prerequisite for an increased pace of innovation and growth. According to the UN, Sweden's growth would increase by 21% if we achieved a more equal distribution of resources. Based on this, RISE works with norm-creative innovation as a method for creating better, more innovative solutions that work for more people. Having a gender-equal organization, industry is a good foundation for a sustainable innovation infrastructure.

Swedish mining has taken this into account in their project, where they review how they can influence the projects they finance to include gender equality to a greater extent and make sure that the projects see gender equality as a resource and asset for growth.


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8 månader

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250 000


Swedish Mining Innovation



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Supports the UN sustainability goals

5. Gender equality
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
Melinda From

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Melinda From


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