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Swedish Hydrogen Development Center

Renewable hydrogen from electrolysis has the potential to play an important role in a future energy system and can help Sweden and other countries to switch to renewable power production, climate-neutral industries and a climate-neutral society.

RISE Research institutes of Sweden and the industrial research institute Swerim have now, with support from the industry, received project funding from Vinnova to jointly develop a new knowledge center where different components and applications can be tested and evaluated - a test bed. The new physical facility, including electrolysis, is being built in Luleå.

- The test bed will be an open and neutral arena where you can evaluate and demonstrate both individual components and entire value chains for a wide range of different hydrogen applications. This can, for example, be about energy storage, production of biofuels and green chemicals or hydrogen applications in the metallurgical industry, says project manager Johan Sandstedt, RISE.

- As important as the physical test bed will be the competence center for hydrogen technologies that we are now creating, he says.

- The establishment of this test bed provides a unique opportunity to accelerate the development and introduction of hydrogen technology in several industries and in society. Swerim and RISE, together with stakeholders from business and the public sector, create a critical mass to support development and enable us to expand our existing test beds to meet industry needs, says Ida Heintz, project manager at Swerim.


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4 år

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14 281 000





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Johan Sandstedt

Forsknings-och utvecklingsingenjör

+46 10 228 42 77

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