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Sweden 4 platooning

Platooning means that several trucks are connected wirelessly to a vehicle train. The driver in the first truck drives as usual while the others follow automatically. This allows driving closer to each other, which reduces drag and saves fuel. The project enables safe and profitable interconnection of trucks of different brands.

Aim and goal

The project aims at creating common solutions that enable Volvo and Scania trucks to be connected in the same platoon. The solutions will be tested in a pilot study in real traffic, where drivers from Schenker in the following trucks steer manually, but the distance is automatically regulated. On the test track, solutions will be demonstrated that also automate steering.


The challenges of the project lie in finding common functionality that can be used for trucks of different brands. Safety is an important issue and requires extensive analysis. Existing methods for safety analysis are tailored for individual vehicles, but the platoon is a system-of-systems and requires new approaches. Similarly, analyses of business benefit and how profits are to be distributed between trucks that interact in a platoon are required, and for this, IT systems are needed outside the vehicles.


The solutions developed in the project include concrete specifications for how communication should be used so that the vehicles can understand each other, and safety requirements and business needs are met. Similarly, solutions are proposed for the supporting IT systems.


The expected impact of the project is to contribute to reduced fuel consumption. This leads to less climate effects and cheaper transport. The solutions presented in the project can also be the basis for future international standardization.


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Scania, Volvo Group, DB Schenker, KTH, Trafikverket




Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
13. Climate action
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