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A centre to identify and develop the role of animals in increased food production, sustainability and competitiveness in the future Swedish food system

SustAinimal will develop and disseminate knowledge about the role of pets in increased, more sustainable and profitable food production in Sweden. Technical, economic, environmental and social aspects will be included, with a strong focus on weighing different sustainability factors in food system evaluations. The production of food from natural pastures receives special attention because it is an underutilised land resource with great social value. Differences in conditions for food production within Sweden will be made visible by evaluating scenarios for food production in three specific regions; North, West and South.  

SustAinimal will contribute to the digitisation of the food system, among other things. through digitisation of parts of biodiversity assessments, developing the use of virtual fencing and digital decision support for the allocation of feed resources at farm level. Policy and governance of food production are other important areas. A high degree of interaction and close contact between academia, companies, organizations, and authorities within the centre ensures the exchange of knowledge and implementation of results throughout the funding period.  

SustAinimal Academy offers a dynamic and inclusive environment that equips young researchers to contribute to the development of sustainable and competitive food production. Our ambition is to have established SustAinimal as the leading knowledge hub for the role of animals in the food system in Sweden and the rest of the world by 2028. 


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4 år

Total budget

48 000 000


Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet



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Supports the UN sustainability goals

2. Zero hunger
8. Decent work and economic growth
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action
15. Life on land
Per Peetz Nielsen

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Per Peetz Nielsen

Senior Forskare

+46 10 516 69 29

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