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RICHER crisis support: Challenges a green inclusive economy

Public support mechanisms are seen as an important contribution to companies in the wake of the Corona crisis. The survival and growth of companies, but also the development of society in general, is at stake. A clear lesson is that how we act in non-crisis times tends to mirror how we work in times of crisis to a large extent.

The vision of RICHER crisis support in the wake of the COVID pandemic is to develop and implement a new assessment practice for broader funding that – even as we stand in the midst of a burning crisis – promotes the transition to a green inclusive economy. A RICHER crisis support for companies that looks beyond short-term financial goals and gives policymakers tools to actively and proactively manage and mitigate the impact of crises both during the crisis itself and in the subsequent period - an accelerator. Competitiveness and innovativeness are crucial for a resource-efficient and sustainable use of public funds in the social development of a green inclusive economy.

The transition to a green economy requires a trade-off and negotiation between different, often conflicting goals and actors' interests. Ensuring continuity in funding and assessment that deals with this is central. The conditions for a green economy are influenced by multiple factors and connections in the context, in this case the role of public financiers. Financiers want to, but find it difficult to assess sustainability. The challenge of implementing a green economy is especially acute during the Covid pandemic and requires additional knowledge. Change work is started and developed during "normal times" in order to ensure that RICHER crisis support can be offered to companies even during times of crisis.

In the project, we have developed a framework: RIKARE crisis support, which intends to guide decision-makers with a central role in the distribution of business support in general and crisis support specifically within different types of organizations / authorities and at different levels in organizations. The framework, which is a dialogue tool, intends to help in change work by critically questioning established, institutionalized structures in decision-making and distribution of funds in order to thereby ensure sustainability in terms of economy, environment and climate as well as gender equality. The dialogue tool intends to clarify and create meaning about prevailing structures and possible distortions and biases for a proactive changeover and acceleration.

Rikare krisstöd rapport och dialogverktyg


Project name

RICHER crisis support



RISE role in project

Deltagare och initiativtagare

Project start


18 månader

Total budget

1 000 000


Jämställdhetsmyndigheten, Region Värmland, Bizmaker




Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

5. Gender equality
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
10. Reduced inequalities
Melinda From

Contact person

Melinda From


+46 10 516 56 18

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