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ReComp - Circular streams from fiberglass composite

Glass fiber composite (GFRP) waste is a growing global environmental problem. The project aims to take a larger societal perspective on the problem: End-of-Life GFRP from the wind, boat, automotive and construction industries that today go to landfill/incineration should be recycled through the solvolys/HTL process for new circular material flows


Purpose and goal

  • identify material streams, collection and dismantling options within glass fiber composite (GFRP) industries

  • optimize solvolys / HTL for recycling of different qualities of End-of-Life GFRP from various industrial sectors

  • identify and stimulate circular material usage across industrial sectors (industrial symbiosis)



GFRP waste is a growing global environmental problem. Some of the problems are that ...

  • large streams from wind turbine blades and boats approach their End-of-Life service.
  • lightweight material (composites) increases in other industries (e.g. vehicles, buildings) which contributing to reduced weight while maintaining strength.

Since GFRP is currently deposited or incinerated, it contributes to the greenhouse effect and to the environmental impact of microplastics and chemicals.


Through the development of a new innovative recycling process of the GFRP, one can both reduce the environmental impact and at the same time contribute to a more resource efficient society with new recycled material flows (i.e. glass fiber and chemical building blocks). A circular material use would benefit industries with large composite flows, such as wind power, boat, construction, vehicle and recycling industries, but also open opportunities for new entrepreneurs.


Through the development of an environmentally friendly recycling technique of fiberglass / thermosetting plastic, composite waste that is currently deposited or incinerated, the project contributes to new streams of recycled material, reduced raw material use and less environmentally hazardous emissions and waste.


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EnergiForsk AB- Vindforsk industrinätverk, MTC - Miljötekniskt Center AB , Luleå Tekniska Universitet, Svenskt Marintekniskt Forum: SMTF, Renova, Volvo Car GROUP, Podcomp AB, Nimbus Boats Sweden AB, Blade Solutions, Librixer, Skene Skog ÅVC




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