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R&D-pilots in eastern central sweden

Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are facing major change as a result of, among other things. digitalisation, demands for sustainable production and global competition. The transition requires investments in development, new products and busines models


A prerequisite for the trransition is strategic competence provision. Overall, an increased need for access to R&D resources, including test and demo environments. The project is an effort to strengthen the degree of innovation and renewal in the SMEs in Eastern Central Sweden (ECS region). 


The regions of Eastern Central Sweden (Västmanland, Sörmland, Örebro, Östergötland and Uppsala) in collaboration with Stockholm is one of Sweden's stronger industrial innovation regions. It houses a number of Sweden's largest innovation companies and several universities, which have contributed to the emergence of a significant number of high-tech companies in recent decades. There is a well-developed innovation support system with universities and colleges, business incubators, technology parks, research institutes, cluster and innovation platforms.

The aim of the project

This project is to be seen as an initiative and platform to strengthen the degree of innovation and renewal in SMEs in the ECS region - which partly responds to this need. The experience from similar projects that RISE has driven in other regions shows a great need for development among the region's SMEs as well as the benefit of making visible and accessible to the research institutes as an innovation partner for SMEs.

Through regional R&D pilots, operated by RISE, in ECS, the opportunities for SMEs to access and benefit from RISE expertise / knowledge for research and innovation projects as well as tests and demo environments are facilitated. Furthermore, similar projects have shown that the projects have greatly contributed to increased collaboration between the innovation players in the region, such as in many cases collaborative projects between RISE and academic parties in the region, as well as with science parks and incubators, etc. with the aim of strengthening the companies' innovation capacity and in helping the companies to introduce new products and offers in the market.

Target groups

Industrial, and industrial close small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in ECS - which are reached through outreach activities by the R&D pilots themselves or in collaboration with other business support actors.


Project name

R&D pilots in ECS




Region Sörmland, Region Uppsala, Region Västmanland, Region Örebro län, Region Östergötland

RISE role in project

Project owner

Project start


Project ends 2020-11-15

Total budget

4 850 000 SEK


Linköpings Universitet (Host for R&D Pilot), Mölardalens University (Host for R&D Pilot)




Project members

Anders Persson

Contact person

Anders Persson

Chef SME

+46 10 516 61 67

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