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Rapid Bioprocess Development

The printed biosensor projects (two PhDs students) are performed under the umbrella of the Biorapid ITN training project. This EU project is aiming at establishing a pan-European training network that will provide essential training to Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in methods for rapid biopharmaceutical processes development and monitoring.

Aim and goal

The goals of the printed biosensor projects are the design, development and evaluation of printed biosensors for the fast reliable and cost-effective at-line monitoring of bioprocesses, both up- and downstream.

In the first project the ESR will develop electrochemical biosensors for the at-line monitoring of key components (e.g. lactate) of cultivation media.

In the second project the ESR will focus on down-stream detection of the products (e.g. antibodies).


Development of sensor able to withstand working conditions (e.g. temperature and environment) and requirements (e.g. concentration of molecules to be detected) associated with monitoring in bioprocesses.

Demonstration that electrochemical low-cost biosensors could replace existing technologies.


Develop low-cost screen-printed sensors with tailored molecular recognition.

Explore the use of different polymeric coatings and combination of biomolecules to improve sensors stability and to tailor their analytical performance.


Biorapid project is expected to provide a variety of benefits at different level:

Improving the production of biopharmaceuticals by providing novel sensing tools for more punctual and cost-effective monitoring of the process and of the products.

Consolidating the positioning of the EU in the area of biopharmaceutical production.

Provide to the scientific community novel technical solutions and know-how in the area of bio-production and biopharmaceutical.

Provide the society and pharmaceutical industries with highly trained individuals.

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