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Pontoon - Making third party innovations stick in line organsations

Increased capability to perform digital innovation and transformation is key in order for the Swedish Automotive industry to retain its position as trailblazer for developing novel vehicle systems. New ways of working are required to guide incumbent firms how to open their innovation processes and collaborate with startups when developing time critical and strategic important new software.

The establishment of MobilityXLab in fall of 2017 as a joint endeavor between seven partners from the Swedish automotive industry is an important step. One of the challenges still remaining is for accelerator business such as MobilityXLab to latch onto the line organization in incumbent firms. Despite an established understanding of what characterizes the barriers, guidelines are still missing for how to efficiently enter different type of line organizations, without the requirement of radically re-organize the latter.

The Pontoon project aims to develop and validate a flexible model for how business accelerators can dock onto line organizations in order to make third party innovations stick.

In the project, RISE Viktoria and Lindholmen Science Park performs action research in collaboration with Volvo Car Group, Volvo Group, Veoneer, and Zenuity. Based on the model that emerges during the project, tangible deliverables such as guidelines, roles and other supporting tools will be developed that elevates the capability in MobilityXLab to support digital transformation in the Swedish automotive industry. In addition to results for the industry partners, the project generates scientific contributions within the fields of digital innovation and business incubators.


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RISE role in project

Project manager and researcher

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2 years


Mobility Xlab, CEVT, Volvo Car Group, Volvo Group, Veoneer, Zenuity



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Sofia Ohnell

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Sofia Ohnell

Senior researcher

+46 10 228 40 61

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