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New markets for companies in Gavleborg

With support from Interreg Central Baltic, Fiber Optic Valley and RISE can offer small and medium-sized companies in Gävleborg to investigate new markets in southern Africa, India and UAE. The initiative called eMesai is run together with IT clusters from Latvia and Estonia.

Sub-Saharan Africa, India and UAE are growing markets and have enormous business potential for technology companies - especially in the fields of Viable Citizen Solutions and Intelligent Transportation Systems. At the same time, they are extremely complicated markets to enter for SMEs of Central Baltic region. There is strong potential in facing market entry challenges JOINTLY and use the export possibilities of the SMEs in the best way through CB cross-border cooperation.

Main objective of eMesai is to increase the Central Baltic SMEs export to Sub-Saharan Africa, India and UAE countries through JOINT export competence building and JOINLTY applying export support tools among SME business networks.

eMesai is unique export support partnership because it is setting up a sustainable Central Baltic CROSS-BORDER collaboration model by ICT Clusters in Estonia, Latvia and Sweden for increasing export in target markets through:

  • JOINT and cross-company marketing in target markets

  • MUTUAL mentoring among SMEs

  • systematic SHARING of the existing business leads and know-how among Central Baltic SMEs.

eMesai supports at least 50 SMEs export and achieves at least 9 new sales in target markets:

  • Sub-Saharan Africa except: Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Mauritius, South Africa, Botswana, Kongo, Guinea, Namibia, Sambia, Uganda

  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) except Dubai

  • India regions: Karnataka, Maharasahtra, Delhi, Telangana.


Project name




RISE role in project


Project start


2 years

Total budget

€ 996.812,53


Fiber Optic Valley, Estonian ICT Cluster, Latvian IT Cluster


Interreg Central Baltic

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Project members


Stina Jonsson

Contact person

Stina Jonsson

Senior Projektledare

+46 76 101 14 46

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