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National Building specific Information

The project genrates basic data for authorities about the Swedish building stock by merging and analyzing all complete building specific registers kept by Swedish authorities. Specifically we compare Energy Performance Certificates from 2008 and from 2018 with other registers to explain the development in the housing sector.

Relevant academic publications:

von Platten, Jenny, Karl de Fine Licht, Mikael Mangold, and Kristina Mjörnell. 2021. “Renovating on Unequal Premises: A Normative Framework for a Just Renovation Wave in Swedish Multifamily Housing.” Energies 14 (19): 6054.

von Platten, Jenny. 2020. “From Housing Inequalities to an Unjust Energy Transition.” Licentiate thesis.

von Platten, Jenny, Mikael Mangold, and Kristina Mjörnell. 2020. “A Matter of Metrics? How Analysing per Capita Energy Use Changes the Face of Energy Efficient Housing in Sweden and Reveals Injustices in the Energy Transition.” Energy Research & Social Science 70 (December): 101807.

von Platten, Jenny, Claes Sandels, Kajsa Jörgensson, Viktor Karlsson, Mikael Mangold, and Kristina Mjörnell. 2020. “Using Machine Learning to Enrich Building Databases—Methods for Tailored Energy Retrofits.” Energies 13 (10): 2574.

von Platten, Jenny, Mikael Mangold, and Kristina Mjörnell. 2020. “Energy Inequality as a Risk in Socio-Technical Energy Transitions: The Swedish Case of Individual Metering and Billing of Energy for Heating.” In Beyond2020. Gothenburg.

Mangold, Mikael. 2016. “Challenges of Renovating the Gothenburg Multi‐family Building Stock - An Analysis of Comprehensive Building‐specific Information, Including Energy Performance, Ownership and Affordability.” PhD thesis, Chalmers University of Technology.

Mangold, Mikael, Magnus Österbring, Holger Wallbaum, Conny Overland, and Tim Johansson. 2018. “Building Ownership, Renovation Investments and Energy Performance - A Study of Multi-Family Dwellings in Gothenburg.” Sustainability, Special Issue:  Sustainable Built Environment and Urban Growth Management, .

Tim Johansson, Tomas Olofsson, and Mikael Mangold. 2017. “Development of an Energy Atlas for the Renovation of the Multifamily Building Stock in Sweden.” Applied Energy 203.

von Platten Jenny, Carolina Holmberg, Mikael Mangold, Tim Johansson, and Kristina Mjörnell. 2019. “The Renewing of Energy Performance Certificates—Reaching Comparability between Decade-Apart Energy Records.” Applied Energy 255: 113902.

von Platten Jenny, and Carolina Holmberg. 2019. “Energideklarationen i Två Vågor - En Byggnadsspecifik Jämförelse Av Energiprestanda Konstaterar Ett Decennium Av Reducerad Energianvändning i Svenska Flerbostadshus.” Master thesis, LTH.


Other contributions:

von Platten, Jenny, Mikael Mangold, and Kristina Mjörnell. 2020. “Pressmeddelande: Låg Energianvändning per Person i Miljonprogrammet.”

Mangold, Mikael. 2019. “Forskningsrapport Som Beskriver Informationen Som RISE Lämnat till Boverket För Riksrevisionens Utvärdering Av REN1.” Göteborg.

von Platten Jenny, and Mikael Mangold. 2019. “RISE Research Institutes of Swedens’s Remissyttrande Över Promemorian Förbättrat Genomförande Av EU-Direktivet Om Energieffektivitet – Individuell Mätning Av Värme Och Tappvarmvatten i Befintlig Bebyggelse, Dnr I2019/01869/E.” Remissvar.

von Platten Jenny, Mikael Mangold, Tim Johansson, Claes Sandels, and Kristina Mjörnell. 2019. “Forskningsrapporter Som Underlag till Pågående Arbete Med Den Nationella Strategin För Energieffektiviserande Renovering.” Forskningsrapport till Energimyndigheten och Boverket. RISE.


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5 +3 år

Total budget

9,2 + 8 MSEK

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Supports the UN sustainability goals

10. Reduced inequalities
11. Sustainable cities and communities
13. Climate action
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