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Electric multifunctional tool carrier

Mechanisation of stables to improve work environment & horse welfare

Within the project we develop and build an electric multifunctional tool carrier, designed to facilitate work in horse stables e.g. mucking out and feeding, which will then be evaluated. The project will also highlight various technical solutions for increased mechanization in the equine industry for an improved and sustainable work environment.


The aim of the project was to conduct a review of available mechanical solutions for various work tasks in horse stables and of technical solutions for monitoring the welfare and health of horses. The result from the review is used as a basis for identifying one or more innovative solutions, which are considered possible to develop and evaluate practically within the project.


The mechanization in Swedish agriculture has increased greatly due to a relatively rapid technological development. However, the mechanization in the horse industry has been close to absent. The horse industry is struggling with a tough physical work environment and the work is still mainly performed manually with old-fashioned tools and equipment. 


In larger horse stables with employees, such as riding schools, stud farms and trotting trainer facilities, the working environment can be highly improved by increased mechanization. The project will highlight various technical solutions for increased mechanization within the horse industry, for an improved working environment and an increased animal welfare. The project will also contribute to the development of innovative solutions. Based on the identified needs of the horse industry, an electric multifunctional tool carrier is designed and built to facilitate work tasks in horse stables such as mucking out, feeding and replacing bedding. The machine will be evaluated under practical conditions in a horse stable environment. 


Through increased mechanization of horse stables, heavy and monotonous work can be reduced and thus the work can be rationalized leading to improved work efficiency and sustainability. 


Project name

Mechanization of horse stables




Västra Götaland Region

RISE role in project

Project leader

Project start


3 years

Total budget

1 050 000 SEK




Västra götalandsregionen

Project members

Cecilia Lindahl
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