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We are working to ensure that the regional and Swedish gaming industries can level up. We will establish a framework for national collaboration, connecting the gaming industry in Sweden with the ultimate goal of challenging industry giants like China and the USA.

Through the Level Up Regional Game Industry and Level Up Swedish Game Industry projects, we will gather the gaming industry for research, development, innovation, and growth, both regionally and nationally. This will contribute to greater influence and more sustainable economic conditions for Swedish gaming companies in the global competition.


The Level Up initiative is built on both regional knowledge development and the development of relevant issues in collaboration with other gaming clusters to create national unity, consensus, and strength.

Within the following focus areas, we will initiate projects, engage in advocacy work, and analyze needs:

Research promotion measures – including a game research council and the establishment of a national research school for game development.

Skills and talent – harnessing young people's interest in gaming, working to strengthen the availability of educational opportunities, and promoting the further development of knowledge and lifelong learning in gaming companies. Technology development – establishing focus groups, facilitating accelerated adoption of AI and other technologies, and establishing a national testbed.

Business models and financing – strengthening Swedish and European ownership in the industry and developing business development tools tailored to the industry's needs.

Digital community – developing a digital meeting place for industry companies and stakeholders to address advocacy issues.

Societal impact – promoting a gender-equal and inclusive gaming industry in collaboration with the established initiative Donna, as well as mapping, supporting, and collaborating with ongoing initiatives in areas such as completion of studies and increasing youth inclusion in society.


The Level Up initiative is expected to contribute to more sustainable gaming companies and job opportunities, more female game developers and entrepreneurs, increased gender equality and expanded Swedish ownership. It will also contribute to increased skills supply, innovations, technological advancements, and research within the gaming industry.


Project name

Efforts to unite the games industry



RISE role in project

Participants, co-applicants

Project start


3 years

Total budget

10 500 000 SEK


You can read more about the project on Science Park Skövdes web for the Level Up projects

Project members

Gabriella Kalteneckar

Contact person

Gabriella Kalteneckar

+46 10 228 46 31

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