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Intelligent Secure Trustable Things

InSecTT aims at bringing the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence together to achieve the full potential of the “Artificial Intelligence of Things".

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) is the natural evolution for both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) because they are mutually beneficial. AI increases the value of the IoT through machine learning by transforming the data into useful information, while the IoT increases the value of AI through connectivity and data exchange. Therefore, InSecTT – Intelligent Secure Trustable Things, a pan-European effort with 52 key partners from 12 countries (EU and Turkey), will provide intelligent, secure and trustworthy systems for industrial applications to provide comprehensive cost-efficient solutions of intelligent, end-to-end secure, trustworthy connectivity and interoperability to bring the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence together. InSecTT aims at creating trust in AI-based intelligent systems and solutions as a major part of the AIoT.

InSecTT will foster cooperation between big industrial players from various domains, a number of highly innovative SMEs distributed all over Europa and cutting-edge research organisations and university. The project features a big variety of industry-driven use cases embedded into various application domains where Europe is in a leading position, i.e. smart infrastructure, building, manufacturing, automotive, aeronautics, railway, urban public transport, maritime as well as health. The demonstration of InSecTT solutions in well-known real-world environments like airports, trains, ports, and the health sector will generate huge impact on both high and broad level, going from citizens up to European stakeholders. InSecTT will bring intelligent solutions into the market by conclusive showcases all over Europe, hence strengthening Europe’s industry and once more make European solutions a frontrunner in cutting-edge technology.

InSecTT will open up new market opportunities for the European industry, will significantly reduce time to market and decrease costs for trustable AIoT solutions on the market, in particular by using new designs and technical building blocks. InSecTT will significantly impact the European Union to achieve the full potential of the “Artificial Intelligence of Things”. It will establish the EU as a center of intelligent, secure and trustworthy systems for industrial applications enabled by a strong industry with a strong reputation and an informed society, in order to enable products and services based on AI compliant to European values and “Made in Europe”.

Use case on "Driver Monitoring and Distraction Detection using AI":  RISE contributed with a technical implementation and a demonstrator to address the topic of driver behaviour monitoring and distraction detection. These distractions are defined as distractions where drivers engage with devices or activities unrelated to driving for durations exceeding two seconds and these are linked, according to research, to doubling the risk of a collision. We monitor such device usage via: a) smartphone sensors, b) wearables (smartwatches) sensors and c) camera-vision for labelling the events. We use AI models on edge devices for the identification of distractions from the sensors and cameras. The recorded sensor data is then presented in a web application fusing information to educate and train drivers.


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39 months


ABB, Westermo, TietoEvry, RTE, Mälardalens högskola, KTH Royal Institute of Technology


VINNOVA, European Commission

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