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Intelligent management of next generation mobile networks

Intelligent Management of next generation mobile networks, IMMINENCE, is a Celtic-Next project coordinated by Indra in Spain and involves companies from Austria, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. The goal of Swedish part of IMMINENCE is to secure Sweden’s position as world leading in 5G and Industry 4.0.

Celtic-Next Eureka cluster projects

The main aim of IMMINENCE is to develop intelligent network management and control function techniques, such as self-configuring networks, application aware networks, and artificial intelligence mechanisms for autonomous management of the future mobile networks, meeting high user and quality of experience. In Sweden, the ongoing adoption of Industry 4.0, and the automation of telecom network functions are vital in increasing the nation’s global competitiveness. The Swedish consortium uniquely suited to approach the challenges of realizing Industry 4.0 and automation of complex network services. With Ericsson AB and Telia AB, the consortium will have unique access to both wireless infrastructures and data, as well as domain knowledge of network functionalities. With Epiroc and Volvo CE, the project will have unique access to operational Industry 4.0 processes and equipment. With Alkit Communications AB, the project will add access to expertise and technology for connected vehicles, including potential testing of Alkit’s automotive telematics systems in Epiroc and Volvo CE equipment.

The academic partners RISE and Lund University will guarantee a scientific height in the project and that results are disseminated to both academia and industry. RISE role is to develop machine learning algorithms for network management and QoE requirements and methods. The expertise of the Swedish consortium will be crucial for the success of the IMMINENCE project as a whole. The Swedish partners will be able to both gain and transfer knowledge, in this project, which would be much harder to accomplish without it. Participating in IMMINENCE will benefit the stakeholders in the Swedish consortium through the development of expertise gained in realizing Industry 4.0 applications and equipment, data-driven network automation and industrial quality of experience.


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Region Stockholm

RISE role in project

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Project start


30 mån

Total budget

21 179 446 SEK (6 411 863 från Vinnova till RISE)


Ericsson, Epiroc, Telia Company, Volvo CE, Alkit Communications, Lund University, IMMINENCE




Project members

Kjell Brunnström

Contact person

Kjell Brunnström


+46 70 841 91 05

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