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RISE Interactive Umea - Plus project Innovation in large scale digital fabrication
Photo: Ronald Helgers

Innovation in large scale digital fabrication

Large format additive manufacturing and experimental digital fabrication using bio-based materials from the forests of northern Sweden.

RISE Interactive Umea - Plus project Innovation in large scale digital fabrication 2
The WASP Hub Umeå, a 3D printing makerspace that aims to innovate the technology, material and possibilities, is a result from the +Project.

Aim and goal
The 3 year, EU-funded +Project brings together academic and regional companies to create a strong research and innovation area and a regional network in digital manufacturing, sustainable construction and 3D technology in northern Norrland.

Wood is one of Sweden’s main resources and important driver for economic growth. Advanced technological developments are shaping new possibilities in both the processing and the application of this material. It is increasingly importance for SME’s, industries and businesses based in Northern Scandinavia to embrace and adopt these innovative techniques. The challenge that the +Project faces, is to reach this widely spread target group and provide them with new knowledge, skills, possibilities and perspectives, to ensure a sustainable continuation of their business in the future. 

Through this research endevour, the +Project has brought together companies in the construction and wood industry, as well as creative industries such as architecture, design and information and communication technology (ICT). In this context, the project has created a context for open innovation, where skills from different disciplines and industries meet for collaborations, experimentation and sharing knowledge can be exchanged and enhanced.

This has resulted in the creation of applied research, knowledge transfer in networks, seminars and workshops, development of prototypes, both in collaboration with companies and between companies, as well as the production, testing and verification of new materials in additive manufacturing.

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
11. Sustainable cities and communities
12. Responsible consumption and production