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Increased competitive edge for SME in Halland through circular transition

The project aims to increase competitive edge for SMEs in Halland. This through providing hands on access to available research within sustainable business. Knowledge and tools from RISE will be used to deliver the change to circular approach that is necessary within companies. The project is carried out through experienced facilitators from RISE.

Purpose and goal

The purpose of the project is to increase competitive edge with SME though giving access to research within the field of sustainable business models and circular economy and to initially facilitate the necessary change within companies.


We are facing global challenges within resource usage at the same time as service and technology development within the area has never moved faster. To sustain the competitive edge and growth in SME, the need is high in the companies of high level of innovation speed eg within servitization, business models, organisation and efficience projects.


During the initial projct phase we will hold seminars and personal meetings with companies in order to spread information and knowlede. In the next step the most interested companies are offered facilitation services to gradually shift towards more circular business models and market offerings.


The project is expected to directly have impact on Global Goal nr 9; Sustainable industry, innovations and infrastructure, as well as nr 12, Sustainable consumption and production and number 13, Fight climate change!

Also a goal will be to act as role model for everybody to make this journey.


Project name

Circular Halland



RISE role in project

Projektledare och initiativtagare

Project start


2 år

Total budget

1 950 000


Region Halland

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action
Josefina Sallén

Contact person

Josefina Sallén

Expert cirkulära affärsmodeller

+46 72 208 93 60

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