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Framtidens mål (Meal of the future)

Many elderly people suffer from malnutrition, which contributes to ill health, personal suffering, prolonged hospital stays and high healthcare costs. 3D printing is an innovative technology in the food field with unique possibilities for automated production of visually appealing foods with custom consistency.

In the healthcare sector, an extra vulnerable group is those who have difficulty chewing and swallowing (dysphagia), which is common among the elderly but also occurs in younger groups such as stroke and cancer patients. The aim of the project is to achieve reduced malnutrition and increased quality of life for those with swallowing difficulties, and to reduce healthcare costs. To achieve this, technologies such as 3D printing and printable food ingredients will be used to produce attractive, texture adapted and individualized diets.

The goal is that this project will reduce the problems of malnutrition and increase the quality of life for those suffering from dysphagia. In addition, a goal is to reduce healthcare costs through a broader range of texture adapted food. In the long term, the idea is that an entire system of customized food can be produced, for example by means of 3D printing.

3D printing is a very flexible process, which enables individual customization of products. An innovative concept is to place 3D printers in manufacturing kitchens that prepare food for elderly care and hospitals. This is to allow automatic production of new, attractive and texture adapted foods with the possibility of personalizing each meal.


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Framtidens mål (Meal of the future)



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Projektledning, konceptualisering och utveckling

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1 år

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Evelina Höglund

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Evelina Höglund

Forskare Livsmedel Produktdesign

+46 10 516 66 19

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