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High voltage bushings Temperature sensing Fiber optic sensor

Fiber optic sensor for monitoring high voltage components - HVComp

As the energy system evolves, the requirements for the components in the system increase.

This project develops measurement technology that contributes to more efficient use of the energy distribution system, driven by a transition to more renewable energy.

Today's diversified energy production has an increasing element of renewable sources such as wind and solar. The uneven energy flow from, for example, wind power leads to a more varied load on the energy system. 

With the changes in energy production, greater demands are placed on components that are part of the system that controls and distributes the energy. 

So-called 'high voltage bushings' are costly and important parts of a transformer, key components in the energy system. The bushing provides insulation between the high and low voltage sides of the transformer, and controls the load (current) through the system. 

Being able to optimize the load gives important cost savings for the systems operator, and can enable an overall more stable and optimized energy system.  

In this project, technology is being developed to integrate fiber optic temperature sensors in high-voltage bushings. The project brings together expertise in fiber optics, composite materials, high-voltage components and systems and energy suppliers.

Fiber optic sensors have several unique advantages that make them suitable candidates for this demanding application.

  • The fiber-optic sensor probe does not contain electrically conductive material, which would directly disqualify it for integration into high-voltage components.
  • The optical fiber is thin and compatible with the materials used in the manufacture of a high-voltage bushing.
  • The optical fiber can enable temperature measurements over a long distance along a fiber, ie one can monitor the temperature in many places in a bushing without integrating more than one probe.

The project has developed an optical fiber sensor that can be integrated into the bushing and provide continuous information about the temperature in the composite material. Sensor-equipped bushings have been installed in a transformer station and the operating temperature load is being monitored over several months time.


The project is performed within the Strategic Innovation Program "Smarter Electronic Systems", a joint venture by Vinnova, Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency.


Project name

Transformer monitoring - HVComp



RISE role in project

Project management, R&D fiber optics and composites

Project start


3.5 years


Hitachi ABB Power Grids, VB Elnät, Lemont, RISE Fiberoptik, RISE Sicomp




Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
11. Sustainable cities and communities

Contact person

Magnus Lindblom


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