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Fiber optics

Want to measure temperature at hundreds of positions in a harsh environment? Do you need to bring intelligence into systems where you can't use electricity? Do you want to develop new solutions for minimally invasive surgery?

Then fiber optics can be the solution for you.

The versatile optical fiber enables applications that are difficult or impossible to achieve with other technologies.

Fiber optics is finding more and more applications even outside telecoms. These can be distributed temperature and pressure sensors, sensors for gas or water quality, sensing solutions for safety and efficiency in industrial or energy sectors, or solutions to provide new minimally invasive medicine technologies.

RISE has been active in fiber optics since the early 1990s. Our expertise covers the entire chain of fiber optic technologies from specialty fiber manufacturing, design and manufacture of components and fiber optic sensors, to complete system solutions where fiber optics are an integral part.

As a Swedish research institute, we collaborate with industrial partners, universities and researchers all over the world.

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