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Facilitating Multi-Party Engineering of Requirements
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FAMER - Facilitating Multi-Party Engineering of Requirements

FAMER will establish concepts, models, and techniques of effectively building requirements knowledge for safe perception systems. FAMER approaches the requirements challenges in a systems-of-systems context, in which the complexity of the system under construction forces an iterative, collaborative approach across disciplines.

The project will run for three years and will be coordinated by University of Gothenburg. Other partners include Kognic, RISE, Volvo Cars, and Zenseact, thus covering a highly relevant part of the automotive supply chain and enabling applied research in close contact with companies with relevant core business.

The project will cover:

  • A domain description and system reference architecture.
  • An information model to manage development of requirements knowledge.
  • Demonstration of integration with multi-party agile work.

We believe that the ability to agree on requirements across multiple parties in an effective way will help to increase traffic safety in a future that increasingly relies on automated vehicle technology.


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3 år

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Volvo Cars, Kognic, Zenseact, RISE, Göteborgs Universitet

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9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
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