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Failure Analysis 4.0

The goal of Failure Analysis 4.0 was to develop smart AI based tools for a mostly automated process chain for failure diagnostics integrating self-learning data analysis and defect detection and localization, standardized material analysis and centralized data acquisition and correlation to electrical performance data

The Failure Analysis (FA) 4.0 project has addressed a fundamental challenge for the digital world: how to ensure that increasingly complex electronic systems operate with complete reliability and safety in daily use. This is essential in safety-critical applications such as autonomous vehicles and in digitalized industrial production (Industry 4.0). FA 4.0 has provided innovative AI-based tools and methods to analyse and avoid defects and failures during the development and manufacture of electronic components and systems. With its holistic approach spanning chip production, assembly & packaging, to board and system level, the project’s outcomes have proved to be crucial for the competitiveness of European electronic devices, especially in the demanding automotive and industrial sectors. 


Project name

FA 4.0



RISE role in project

National leader, WP leader, Task leader

Project start


42 months

Total budget

14 700 000 € (Sverige SEK 7 986 665)



Project website

Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

8. Decent work and economic growth
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Dag Andersson

Contact person

Dag Andersson

Senior Researcher

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