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Extending dynamic traceability to high pressure

RISE has long been developing standards for measurements of dynamic processes. Dynamic calibration of pressure sensors is an area that is important for reducing measurement uncertainty, but traceability is lacking.

Dynamic measurements and dynamic calibration have great potential as most industrial processes take place under dynamic conditions. This works well if the measuring instrument is faster than the process being measured. However, with fast processes, the demands on the performance of the measuring instrument increase.

At the same time, calibration of most of the measuring systems takes place under static or semi-static conditions. As Primary methods for dynamic calibration are currently under development, one cannot be sure what measured values during fast processes really correspond to and that the results cannot be guaranteed to be traceable.

Developing traceability for dynamic pressure

At the National Laboratory for Pressure and Vacuum, we work to develop and establish traceability for dynamic pressure. We have previously developed a shock tube which is our candidate for a primary standard for dynamic pressure. However, the use of the shock tube is limited to pressures below 7 MPa. Another method for dynamic calibration is dead weight systems that can generate pressure impulses between 40 and 400 MPa. But in the range between 7 and 40 MPa there is a gap that neither the shock tube nor the dead weight system can overlap.

Primary standard 7-40 MPa

The project builds on previous European research and innovation projects and aims to establish traceability within the 7-40 MPa range. The existing shock tube will be equipped with a converging section that reinforces and preserves the reference pressure. Together with a readily available analytical solution, this will serve as the primary standard for dynamic pressure in the 7-40 MPa range.

Important in several industries

The project contributes to better calibration of dynamic pressure, which is of great importance in many areas, for example in healthcare (blood pressure, dialysis, diagnostics), process control and energy efficiency in vehicles.


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Traceability at high dynamic pressures



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650 000 SEK



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