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DRAMA-2 DRiver and passenger Activity MApping simulator

DRAMA-2 builds upon the experiences obtained from the DRAMA project on the application of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms for monitoring the behavior of vehicle occupants.

One of the major bottlenecks observed in the first project was the difficulty of collecting enough amount of high quality data for training these networks. The reasons for these problems are directly related to the amount of time, funds, equipment and personnel required for collecting these datasets in real environments. DRAMA-2 proposes to create a simulated environment where high-quality (photo-realistic) images can be generated and collected without the constraints of the real world in a more efficient way. The proposal also wants to extend this approach to allow the collection of data from the exterior of the vehicle by creating, also with photo-realistic detail, virtual representations of existing test-sites, e.g. AstaZero, Swedish highways, city neighborhoods, rural roads, etc.


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3. Good health and well-being
11. Sustainable cities and communities
Tor Skoglund

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Tor Skoglund

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