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Digitized Refractory-Lining Monitoring in Steelmaking

Fiber optic temperature measurements enable condition-based maintenance of refractory lining steelmaking processes. Expected effects are increased safety, fewer lining changes, more efficient use of refractory bricks, and energy savings.

This project will up-scale a technology for health monitoring of refractory lining in equipment such as ladles and furnaces and prepare for commercialization. The consortium includes a research institutes, end-users and a company that can take the technology to the market, both nationally and globally.

The solution is based on a fiber optic technology capable of monitoring the temperature of large areas and has been successfully tested in the industry.

Improved health monitoring of refractory lining is envisioned to have several positive impacts:  reduced waste of refractory lining material, energy savings (due to fewer heat-ups and better temperature control), improved safety and work conditions, and increased digitalization of the production. In addition, the product aims to benefit the end-users economically and make them more competitive.

The project will comprise technical development to reach TRL 7 and demonstrations in operational environments at two different plants. The goto-market-strategy will be improved and is an important part of preparing for product launch. The project includes a Life Cycle Assessment of the environmental benefit for the most relevant application.

Illustration of the first demonstration started 2022-10-08. Top left: EAF in use. Right: schematic fiber optic cable layout and a heat map. Bottom left: a temperature trend from the demo.


Project name

ReCo- Refract Control




Region Stockholm

RISE role in project


Project start



Total budget

9.9 MSEK


Agellis RHI Magnesita, Alleima, Höganäs, Svenska Miljöinstitutet, Jernkontoret



Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Contact person

Carola Sterner


+46 10 228 41 27

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