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Digitalisation and AI for Energy Saving in Industry

The project is a strategic project to create the network and collaboration between Swedish industries with International counterparts in IEA-IETS to share the knowledge and guidelines about digitalisation, AI and related technologies for energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction in industry.

Digitisation in the industry has attracted great interest within both industry and the research world, both in Sweden and internationally. Correspondingly, the IEA IETS decided to start an annexe, a larger international collaboration, between leading organizations in the IETS countries. Therefore, the ExCo in IEA, IETS decided on the first task of the international work within digitization in the industry. 

This task seeks to advance knowledge and development of digitalization, artificial intelligence and related technologies to improve the economic and environmental performance of targeted energy and GHG-intensive industries. It seeks to assemble a network of academic, research labs, IT providers and process industry stakeholders to cooperate for informed decision-making relevant to the targeted sectors.

Therefore, this task aims to stimulate the adoption and digitalisation technologies for energy efficiency improvement and GHG emissions reduction in the process industries by pursuing :

  • To create an international network and information infrastructure for stakeholders to exchange knowledge in the area of digitalization technologies
  • To facilitate joint development of new knowledge and expertise in Digitalization
  • To support and accelerate the deployment of digitalization practises in the energy-intensive process industries.

For Swedish participation, a consortium is formed with central Swedish organizations and coordinators, the strategic innovation program PiiA and the host organization RISE. The consortium contributes to the innovation program objectives on:

  • Sustainable industry
  • Portfolio analysis and dissemination of results 
  • Internationalisation

To achieve these objectives and align with the IETS XVIII goals, the Swedish consortium collaborates with international peers in:

  • Methods and Applications of Digital Twins
  • Lessons Learned and Created Values by Digitalization
  • Digitalization Implementation Roadmaps

The results of the activities will be communicated to the consortium members and the wider audience in seminar and workshops planned by PiiA and RISE. 

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
Mehrzad Lavassani

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Mehrzad Lavassani

Project Leader/Research Scientist

+46 73 081 46 75

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