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The image depicts two hands holding a gaming controller.
Photo: Anton Porsche

Digilog - Digital games for citizen participation in urban development

The interest in participation – of citizens, users and stakeholders - in the building sector has grown the past few years. Digital games has increasingly been used in both the public and private sectors. Despite this, there’s a lack of research and development in the field - a situation that RISE wants to remedy through the Digilog initative.

Digital games have been used in citizen participation for decades, and have lately grown in popularity as urban development tools. Some research has been done on the subject and, together with practical experiences, it indicates that use of games can be a way of motivating participation as well as stimulating learning on urban development. Still, there’s much we don’t know about the advantages, disadvantages, prerequisites and obstacles for using digital games in this area.

In order for games to better contribute to urban development processes, the knowledge base as well as methodology needs to be strenghtened – for this reason RISE started the initiative Digilog in 2018. A preparatory inquiry into the subject has been conducted within Digilog; with the aim to compile the knowledge that already exists, identify knowledge gaps and initiate future development work. Amongst other things, the inquiry has resulted in a research review, which is available for anyone who wants to learn more about the subject matter. During the inquiry phase work also began on building a consortium with different relevant actors, which will develop future projects in the subject area.



Digital games for citizen participation in urban development - research review (language: Swedish)


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Västra Götaland Region

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Spelläraren, Göteborgs Stad (Gothenburg municipality)


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