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Designing Everyday Energy Resilience

What could an everyday life be like in a future with less reliable energy provision? We will in this project explore the preconditions for such an everyday and design examples of products that could fit into such a future.

The products we use in everyday life are increasingly connected and reliant on electricity. We, in turn, are thus increasingly dependent on very reliable electricity and internet supplies. At the same time, due to the transition to more renewable energy sources and the effects of climate change, the likelihood of temporary power shortages and disruptions to energy and IT systems increases.

In this project we will thus explore how everyday life could be more resilient to such disturbances but be experienced as good; what we call everyday energy resilience. As part of this, we want to explore whether everyday products through their design could support households to become less vulnerable and flexible in their demand for energy.

Examples of energy resilient products will be developed, tested and form the basis of an exhibition that raises thoughts about energy resilience. We will also develop guidelines for energy resilience so that industry can apply these in future products.

The project is carried out in collaboration with Chalmers Technical University, Boid (within Chalmers Industriteknik), Electrolux, Miljömärkning Sverige AB, HSB Living Lab, Tengbom and Tieto Sweden. 

The project is funded through the research and development programme Design for everyday energy efficiency, by HSB Living Lab’s research fund and by the J. Gust. Richert foundation. The research and development programme Design for everyday energy efficiency is from the Swedish Energy Agency and is coordinated by SVID, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation. You can learn more about the programme here:


Project name

Designing Everyday Energy Resilience




Region Östergötland

RISE role in project


Project start


2 years


Chalmers Industry and Materials Science , HSB Living Lab, Boid


Swedish Energy Agency, SVID, HSB Living Lab, J. Gust. Richert foundation

Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
Sara Renström

Contact person

Sara Renström

Senior Forskare

+46 10 228 42 14

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