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Challenge Archipelago

Challenge Archipelago Initiative

The Challenge Archipelago is a workshop method that consists of analogue and digital components that are being developed to facilitate multi-disciplinary and collaborative discussions.

The challenges of today are multi-faceted, complex and interconnected, and we need fun and engaging ways to work with them so that we can create collaborations and systematic approaches to make impactful change. Depending on the context, we adapt and develop the methodology to enable participants to explore, reflect, document and share challenges, opportunities and solutions of any given topic. Continuously prototyping, testing and iterating with many physical workshops internally and externally with RISE Innovation Partners, commercial clients and organisations.

With everyone working from home during the pandemic, virtual components are being developed to explore multi-user participation for it to be used as a remote and online tool. See above video to see how the demo prototype works.


Designed and developed by: Hayley Ho, Peter Sandberg, Johan Belking, Marius Johansson, Erik Einebrant, Martin Törnros


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Challenge Archipelago



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Initiator, Research, Design & Development

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Hayley Ho

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Hayley Ho

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