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Arkilog - Architecture firms and citizen dialogue

Arkilog (Architecture firms and citizen dialogue) has as its goal to generate knowledge on how architecture firms can work with citizen dialogue processes. Furthermore, a method will be developed which can be used by architecture firms in order to develop their own capability to work with such processes.

The interest in different forms of dialogue is large in today's citizen development processes. Much of the present research and development work, however, focuses on how to actually carry out dialogue processes. Less work is done on how the overall organization of architecture firms relates to their capability to carry out well-functioning dialogue processes.

The project consists of two parts. 1) Case studies on how a Swedish architecture firm organizes its work with citizen dialogue in practice and how this relates to their overall organization. 2) A methodology is being developed and tested which architecture firms can utilize in order to increase their capability of working with citizen dialogue.


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December 2017-April 2019


Leif Blomqvist Forskningsstiftelse

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3. Good health and well-being
5. Gender equality
11. Sustainable cities and communities